Overseas Production

RINGOOD manages oversea production of various items such as bags for toddlers, school bags and fashion bags for women.

Every product quality is contorolled with the same standard as production required strict qualities in Japan, as well as corresponding clients' diverse needs such as price or delivery term.

We maintain the smooth production and good quality:

with staffs with great proficient in foreign languages,
with precise visual direction by use of images and pictures,
with regular visits to local factories and inspecting companies

Overseas Factories (Subcontractors)

Subcontractors as the bases of production in China and Vietnam.
They make samples and produce reliable products under the well-managed production system.

China : Qingdao 3, Shenzhen 1, Zhejian Province 1
Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh 1, Long An Province 1

Overseas Factories

Overseas Inspecting Company (Subcontractors)

All the products produced overseas are also inspected by the subcontract inspecting companies with the same careful support as the inspection in Japan.

China : Qingdao 1, Shanghai 1, Dongguan 1
Vietnam : Ho Chi Minh 2

Overseas Inspecting Company

Branch Office in Korea

A branch office is based near Seoul to manage the procurement of Korean materials and support the production in Japan as well as in overseas.

Seoul, Korea